The “Address ID Plaque” : NZ Patent # 735393 : How It Began

While driving to work before sunrise I would often see taxis kerb crawling and using a torch to spot an address .This highlighted the need for more visible address signage.
I recalled the reflective kerb markers which were common around Christchurch several decades ago. However enquiries to the council indicated that they were not in favour of their reintroduction due to the risk of them being damaged during kerb maintenance.

Given the amount of roading repairs in the region since the earthquakes of 2010/2011 this is an understandable position.
To me the solution was to design a reflective number plaque which could be mounted on a letterbox, building or fence.

To be worthwhile it not only had to be highly reflective but durable as well.
Our plaque is the result of a collaboration of the ideas of myself, my brother Wayne and a friend Gary Hitchcock.
Wayne and Gary’s experience in the plastics industry was invaluable in designing the plaque’s protective casing and the number system which allows numbers to be created from the segmented stencil.

A Christchurch company, Action Plastics, also played an important role in putting our ideas into practice.
The result is an innovative and quality product designed and manufactured in Christchurch for which we have gained NZ Patent.
Unfortunately, at this stage, we have been unable to encourage the major retail hardware stores to include our plaque in their product range.
Purchase is however available on this website with 10% of sales donated to the SPCA in recognition for the great work they do for animal welfare.