After buying a plaque Amanda & Robbie Kaivite  posted the following review on facebook :

 “  Address ID

We bought one of these letterbox IDs and for rural folk they are great. Clear address identification is important, because our rural numbers are often tied into emergency services, identifying the distance of our properties from the nearest fire station. I see far too many rural properties which are marked very poorly at their gates, and that puts them at risk

This company offers a great fix for the problem. With a very clear reflective number set. And they went the distance for us because our address is five numbers, requiring them to make a few changes to their machine setup to accommodate an unusually large number, which they did at no extra cost. And have to say they were real quick.

Nice when you can say great product, great service.”

Amanda also wrote :

” Our plaque arrived today and I wanted to tell you how delighted we are with the plaque and the excellent communication we’ve had from you have made it a real pleasure to do business with you. We will be sure to recommend your business !

Glad to be of help Amanda & Robbie & thank you for the kind words. 09/06/2020